Dawei Peninsula – in the southwest of Dawei across the river to reach local fishing villages and beach area. The Peninsula of Dawei in the southwest area is lying down with the village area of Nabule attaching along with Mayingyi Village in north. As the peninsula is backing to Andaman Sea, beautiful shores and beaches were set up with each village situated until very end of the landmass with famous Shin Maw Pagoda at the cliff, Kyat Hlut Village. These unspoiled onshore beaches are somehow lack of infrastructure or modern development that offers picturesque landscapes with stunning view over the mountains to the sea. Though, many of villages are homes of very friendly Dawei people those who working their daily lives by fishing and farming; and they are quite welcoming the visitors!

Let us count some names of villages along the Peninsula of Dawei from the north going down to south where we have beach area which we could do some activities like trekking and biking. Please keep in mind that below places and trips should starts once we base in Dawei!

Its starts with: Mayingyi Village and gulf attaching with Nabule Village and the beach area, which is now working in progress of Deep Sea Port Project which will be the biggest port area in Southeast Asia connecting the west world with East. Thinegyi Village, just a bit further south of Nabule - a village with beach area but less attractive compare to other in the surrounding area. Nabule and Mayingyi can be reached by overland via car or motor bike about 1.2hours and biking about 2.5 hours.

Next beach in the south will be famous and the easiest accessible beach area "Maungmagan", the village area is on-shore about 800m distance from the beach (about 5-10mins walk). Maungmagan means (the Kings') concubines' lake/beach which legend says King Alaung Si Thu have conqueror the area and guardians settled at the village for a while after winning a war. Maungmagan can be reached by car or motor bike about 40mins; biking about 1.5 hours.

It’s a famous place and relatively crowded sometime with locals from Dawei especially in weekends. The middle beach area was lined by small local bamboo hut restaurants where you can enjoy beer, fresh coconuts, and seafoods; otherwise you might have your own time at the beach resort in the small garden.Myaw Yit Pagoda is located in the south of Maungmagan reroute from the junction with quite bumpy road condition after passing many villages about 1.2 hours to reach the rocky bay area with local's famous pilgrims' site.

Panyit has beautiful yellow/white sand beach but it's carved by high-tide especially in raining season, and the bay seems to be a bit steep. By overland either car or motor-bike can be reached but the path is not quite easy to drive over bumpy roads condition - trekking or mountain biking will be good option. Panyit Village and bay was situated at the direction of southwest of Dawei. Going there will take a bit of time.

First we will have to access to Long Lone Township about 30mins to the junction which lead to the village of Panyit. Trekking to Panyit village will take about 2.5 hours through the lush green jungle area sometime passing over small creeks and waterfalls. Each side on the way, plantations of banana and cucumbers can be seen. Once you hike on a small mountain overviewing to Andaman Sea, it’s a halfway of your trekking route to the village. To reach the beach area we will have to make another 15mins walking through green paddy fields. These friendly village people based on fishing and growing cashew-nuts trees in the surroundings and it's always nice to meet the hosts and children at school in Panyit Village.

A picturesque gulf overlooking to bamboo huts with fishing village along the beach is called San Lan Village. It's just after south of Maungmagan and Panyit. To reach there, we will have to take by overland either car or motorbike from Dawei about 30mins to small township of Long Lone in the west of Dawei across the river over Kamyawkin Bridge. San Lan Village could be one of nice places to make trekking or biking trips through the jungle and small mountains. Trekking time will be about 1.5 hours and biking will be about 1 hour. On the way at the junction just near in corner, if you take left turn not going to San Lan, you will reach to Shan Maw shore area with yellow and white sand beach by the Andaman Sea.

Tezit - like other neighborhood places, the path to Tezit Village and beach starts from Long Lone Township at the southwest of Dawei. By overland either car or motor bike is easy to reach within 45mins. Tezit is a white sand beach with shallow shore surrounded by mountain range at the south. It is also good option for biking or trekking; there are lots of rubber plantations until the village on the way and major living economic based on fishing. Just in the corner if we take a short walk about 5mins from Tezit we will reach to a rocky bay area in north offers nice and clear water.

Further in south, southwest of Dawei across the river, Nyaung Pyin (local called Nyor Plan) is fishing village hosting one of a big village in surrounding area. Going to Nyaung Pyin needs one day time by overland, either car or motor bike from Dawei through many villages like Kyat Taw, Kyauk Nemaw including Long Lone Township about 3.5 hours.

Once you reach in Nyaung Pyin the trekking route is easy with slopes going up and down through jungle to reach Phoe Hla Maw bay and beach area. Nyaung Pyin bay or Phoe Hla Maw beach would be the best sea side of Andaman Sea all over the Dawei Peninsula. This white sand beach was bordered by mountain range in the east; shallow crystal clear waters are the best attraction for swimmers. If you would consider arranging camping, our team would be delighted to arrange with special permission through Ministry of Myanmar Tourism.

The last one in south of Dawei Peninsula holding the famous spiritual Pagoda of Shin Maw; the village is known as Kyat Hlut. Just before the entrance of village, one beautiful relaxing Myin Khwar Awe Beach (means horse shoe bay) was setting with clean and clear waters along the white sand bay with coconut jungles. Accessing to this place will take the whole day and we would recommend making an overnight trip as it has small eco-lodge. Keeping in mind that we are in Dawei, we will have to make by overland with car or motor bike about 4hours to reach Myin Khwar Aww. The Kyat Hlut Village connecting to Myin Khwar Aww can be reach in 10mins walk. Continuously we should make a visit to spiritual Shin Maw Pagoda for our future good luck and enjoy the stunning colour plays of magnificent sunset over the Andaman Sea.

Overnight at the southern Myanmar destinations is possible, especially in the very deep south at the peninsula area Dawei, Myeik and Kawthaung. There are some hotels operate nowadays, we have been indicated and suggest you have proper and comfort accommodation during your travelling in Southern Myanmar; we would like to recommend with our good firsts choices of hotels; please see below description:

Kyaikhtiyo (Golden Rock Pagoda)
Mountain Top Hotel - located on top of the mountain range within a few minute steps away from the famed Golden Rock shrine. This hotel will be best available accommodation with excellent location with airy and incorporate the environment seamlessly with views of the mountainous environment. It affords wonderful panoramic views over the surroundings mountain valleys. The hotel offer simple 10 Standard rooms with feature basic amenities and offer hot and cold water and shower. And 42 Deluxe rooms are larger room size and offer TV, mini-bar and telephone.

Golden Rock Hotel – this hotel is located at the Ya-The-Taung camp where the trucks stop for halfway. It is approximately 40mins walk uphill to summit ridge and the Golden Rock. The hotel is in tranquil surroundings with scenic views over the lush forest covered mountain slopes. The 12 Standard rooms offer basic facilities like hot and cold water and shower. The 44 Deluxe are larger and offer Air Conditioning, TV, mini-bar and shower.

Bawgatheddhi Hotel - The hotel located near Kinpun base camp and 45min open up truck drive to famed Golden Rock shrine. The hotel location offer enjoys easy access to based camp markets and lively city of Kyikhto. It offers good and clean rooms attaching basic amenities of Aircon, TV, shower room and comfort accommodation.

Hpa An
Zwwe Kabin Hotel - located in the town of Hpa An in the Karen State, and only 5minutes drive from Hpa-An downtown on the road of Mount Zwekabin. The hotel offers the area best accommodation and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. It is located along the quiet road in the countryside. The fantastic soaring Kyauk Ka Lat Pagoda is just a few minutes away from the hotel. A beautiful mountain resort, overlooking to the Zwekabin Mountain, offering peace and tranquility atmosphere with basic amenities of Aircon, TV, shower room and comfort accommodation.

Hpa An Lodge - A beautifully designed bungalow-style lodging located just outside of Hpa-an, perfectly located for climbing the nearby Mt. Zwekabin. Hpa An lodge houses 18 rooms in total, creating a real feel of privacy. The facilities are convenient and well-equipped, with the food offering up local and European cuisine. The real highlight of this property however, is the stunning views across the natural surroundings, making every trip here a special one.

The Strand Hotel - located on the banks of the Thanlwin River. This hotel is a landmark in the colonial city of Mawlamyaing and offers 57 rooms with an array of modern amenities, including LCD TVs with satellite channels, minibars and complimentary Wi-Fi. Rooms are spacious and clean, the highlight of the hotel would be the friendly receptionists.

Attran Hotel - located on strand road by the Thanlwin River close to the Mawlamyine Bridge. The 10 River View rooms offer a pleasant accommodation, as additional 20 Superior bungalows with garden view does the same. All rooms are spacious and equipped with satellite TV, hot showers, air- conditioning, bar fridge, IDD phones and wardrobe. The highlight would be the balcony area in the garden by the river side in the evening for sunset over the mighty Thanlwin River while you enjoy your drinks.

Ngwe Moe Hotel on Strand Road in the Myangone Quarter of Mawlamyine is easy and good location to explore the historic city and the surrounding areas nearby. A four-story high budget hotel overlooking to Thanlwin River. The hotel is simple though well maintained and offers clean rooms with friendly service.

Star Light Guests House – a charming guest house is situated beautify on the lake edge in central town of Ye. The guest house is just freshly operated in 2014-15 tourist season. The guest house offers total 8 simple and standard rooms which are cozy and clean. The guest house is best available accommodation with excellent location of Ye.

Golden Guests Hotel which is located in downtown area surrounded by local residential, 5mins walk away from the city center and 20minutes drive from the airport. The hotel offer total 40 air-conditioned specious guest rooms with elevator, 4 Single rooms, 12 Standard rooms, 15 superiors, and 8 Deluxe rooms. All rooms include TV, mini-bar, IDD Phone, coffee & tea making, shower with hot and cold water. As the hotel is 6 story building, breakfast area is on the top floor with over view to the city.

Zay Yar Htet San Hotel with private beautiful garden area is located near government residential area. 5 or 6mis walk away from the city center and 20minutes drive from the airport. All 37 air-conditioned guest rooms of 22 Standard rooms, 10 superior rooms and 5 Deluxe rooms equipped with good standard amenities including mini-bar, IDD Phone, TV channels, hot and cold shower or bathtub and comfort accommodation.

Ein Taw Phyu Hotel - In local residential area, situated on main road, about 30mins walk and 10minutes drive away from the city center or the airport. The hotel was founded since 1983 operating as local guest house. Recently in 2014 tourist season, the building was reconstructed and serving nice and pleasant accommodation to all visitors. This charming and cozy hotel offers 29 rooms which are tastefully decorated into 3 different categories of Superior, Deluxe Rooms and Suites. All rooms area slightly different decorated and room size; the highlight of this hotel would be the friendly people and a shallow pool area!

Grand Jade Hotel – one big hotel situated in the downtown area of 9 story-building offers 156 rooms. All rooms of Standard, Superior and Deluxe were equipped air conditioning, cable TV and a minibar, clean shower area, specious and comfort accommodation. Breakfast or dining area will be on the rooftop terrace with view over city area and overlooking to nearby famous islands.

Pearl Laguna Resort – the biggest hotel of the town located at the edge of riverside and passing local residential area about 15mins drive from the airport and 30mins walk from city area. A Luxury style resort with good recreation facilities, entertainments and decent services management by Thai owners. Part of the resorts' was still building in progress but currently soft opening of one 4-storey building offers 40 Superior rooms tastefully decorated with modern amenities. Each room has private balcony view to the river and island area in the front. The hotel's planning to launch at end of 2015 for full operations including casino area and private river front suites bungalows.

Garden Hotel – situated in the local residential area with monastery nearby, it's about 7mins drive from the jetty and 15mins drive from the airport. It is a 4-story building hotel offer over 40 rooms of standard rooms with basic accommodation with air-con, shower area, TV and mini-bar. The hotel is sitting on the good location of base of local famous hill area called 555 Mountain which you can walk up about 15mins to overview to the town, border river between Thailand and colorful sunset view over the Andaman Sea.

Kawthaung Motel with basic accommodation offers 40 rooms in midrange 4-storey building. Simple and clean economy class standard hotel is located near the jetty about 5mins walk and 20mins drive from the airport. 31 Superior rooms and 2 Deluxe rooms are equipped with air-con, TV, mini-bar and hot and cold shower area.

Hotels in Mergui Archipelago
Grand Andaman Resort - located on the island of Thahtay Kyun (Rich Man Island). 1800 acres 4.5 stars luxury hotel with good recreation facilities, entertainments, island activities, sporting and is perfect for Incentive visitors. The hotel offer 205 comfortable guest rooms equipped with international facilities and features overlooking from the private balcony either sea view or tropical landscape. The Andaman Club Resort can be reached by fast air-con cruisers from Ranong about 20mins and 15mins from Kawthaung.

Others Hotels / Resorts
Andaman Club Resort - located on the island of Thahtay Kyun (Rich Man Island). 1800 acres 4.5 stars luxury hotel with good recreation facilities, entertainments, island activities, sporting and is perfect for Incentive visitors. The hotel offer 205 comfortable guest rooms equipped with international facilities and features overlooking from the private balcony either sea view or tropical landscape. The Andaman Club Resort can be reached by fast air-con cruisers from Ranong about 20mins and 15mins from Kawthaung.

Myanmar Andaman Resort on the MaCleod Island in Myeik, Mergui Archipelago in Andaman Sea at southern part of Myanmar with one of the most beautiful private bay and white sandy beach area. Located at 40nautical miles from Kawthaung and Ranong, and about 160 miles from Myeik. It is a simple Eco-lodge resort offers 22 guests rooms in cottages/bungalows feature equipped good accommodation, mosquito net, hair-dryer, ceiling fun, laundry service and have private balcony, including internet and telephone service (only at the reception). The resort operates from October to end of April and close in monsoon season from May to September.

Travel Permits – there haven't need it for the overland travelling and coastal line ferry boat rides, or rover boat trips. Special travel permits will have to be obtained once you step out in to the Mergui Archipelago. Obtaining travel permits takes 3 working weeks and will have to work in advance with documents that Mergui Explorer delighted to help for our visitors.

Major destinations like Bago – Kyaikhtiyo – HpaAn – Mawlamying – Ye – Dawei – Myeik and Kawthaung were linked by highway road No. 8. The regions of Southern Myanmar are still undeveloped and limited infrastructure, especially in the very southern parts. As some part of the road are bumpy and gravy conditions that for tourism in various ways it may affects our service's level. Exploration to these destinations will be new venture; however we will endeavor to obtain the best available transportations such as SUVs, touring minibus or station wagons for our clients. We do request their understanding for any practical aspects which won't reach up to expectation that may occur in the itinerary.

Overland Drives

Public bus and train

Local public express buses operating every day, nowadays most of the express buses are upgraded by operating with new buses like SCANIA. These express buses are the major transportations for local people and some independent travellers. The railway line is available to the destinations; Yangon – Kyainkto – Mawlamying – Ye – Dawei and yet it will take longer travelling time than buses or private overland trips.


  • Yangon – Kyaikhtiyo (Golden Rock), good road condition over 130 miles about 5 hours driving
  • Yangon – HpaAn, good road condition over 170 miles about 6 hours driving
  • Kyaiktiyo – HpaAn, good road condition over 100 miles about 3 hours driving
  • Kyaikhtiyo – Mawlamying, good road condition over 150 miles about 4 hours driving
  • HpaAn – Mawlamying, good road condition about 40 miles 2 hours driving
  • Mawlamying – Ye, good road condition over 60 miles about 3.5 hours driving
  • Ye – Dawei, a bit bumpy road condition over 120 miles about 7 hours driving
  • Dawei – Myeik, a bit bumpy road condition over 150 miles about 7 hours driving
  • Myeik – Kawthaung, bumpy road condition only good for off road drive over 250 miles about 12 hours driving

Flight & Boat Transport

By taking flights will be the more convenience and the easiest way to get to the destinations of Tanintharyi. There are daily flights operating between Yangon – Dawei – Myeik – Kawthaung by domestic airlines which are Mann Yadanarpon Airlines, Air KBZ, and Yangon Airways based on different schedules. Apex Airlines operates daily flights to Yangon – Dawei - Myeik - Kawthaung; and Myanmar National Airline also operates same route.

There haven't operate boat-transport for visitors from Yangon to southern Myanmar, yet, but there are some local companies operating river boat trips and costal line ferry fast boats. Recently, RV Pandaw launched coastal line route from Mawlamying to Kawthaung.

Than Lwin Princess - river boat from HpaAn to Mawlamying (daily)
Fortune Express – fast motor vessel costal line ferry boat between Dawei – Myeik – Kawthaung (operated by schedule)
Hi Fi Express - fast motor vessel costal line ferry boat between Dawei – Myeik – Kawthaung (operated by schedule)
Kan Thar Aung – local ferry river boat from Myeik to Thanintharyi (daily)

Border points There are border points in southern Myanmar connecting with Thailand, one out of 4 border points is not officially open yet which is Maw Taung in Myeik. The other 3 border points of southern Myanmar are as follow:

Myawaddy in Khayin State - connecting Mae Sot in Thailand; due to one way drive up and down system transportation/overland trips can be operated only on schedule days

Htee Khee in Dawei – connecting Phu Nam Rong in Thailand There are local minibuses operating daily basic from Dawei to Htee Khee border about 4.5hours driving over the Tanintharyi mountain range. The road will take you to the destination through narrow, winding and a bit bumpy road condition to Htee Khee in border town in Myanmar connecting Phu Nam Rong border town in Thailand, and about 1.5hours drive to Kanchanaburi.

Kawthaung border across the river – connecting Ranong in Thailand Kawthaung is the busy border town with charming atmosphere; it is also major gate way for island safari trips in Mergui Archipelago. Kawthaung (immigration office) will be the fast and the easiest out of all border crossing. The local wooden boat ride across the Par Chan River to Ranong will take you about 30mins to Ranong border (immigration office).

Maw Taung in Myeik – connecting Prachuap Khirikhan This border point does exit but there haven't been official opened yet for visitors/travellers

* Border points (immigration office) are opened daily from 8AM to 5PM

Weather / climates In Myanmar we have three different seasons which set by tropical climate as it’s of hot season (from March to May around 35-42Ċ), rainy season (June to September, around 24-28Ċ) and mild season (from October to February around 18-24 Ċ). Tanintharyi region in the peninsula area we will expect sunny weather in dry season with 30-38Ċ as its Equator climate; and have quite a lot of rain in monsoon seasons from June to mid of September yearly.

Foods, cultural and commutations Traditional foods of southern Myanmar are a bit spicier and mostly based on sea-foods. Dry fishes are the most famous food of the southern Myanmar peninsula area. Soup, curry, salad, raw and cooked vegetables were serves together with rice. There are few restaurants which Western foods are available; local small food places and Chinese or Thai Food restaurants are available in major towns and cities. MSG (Monosodium Glutamate, locally known as 'AJINOMOTO') is still using in food preparation in some of the restaurants. Please do inform in advance by yourself or via your travel guide to prepare your food without MSG. Purified bottled water is the safest source and available everywhere; mostly it will be provided as complimentary in your travel package or at the hotels.

The numbers marks up almost to 80% of the local population are faith in Theravada Buddhism as majority, although the other minority of Christianity, Islamic and Hinduism are proficient. In southern Myanmar in Mawlamying and most of the rural area of Mon States speaks in Mon ethnic dialects. Hpa An and rural area of Kayin State speaks Kayin ethnic dialects; Dawei does the same, speaking local ethnic dialects of Dawei. Myanmar (“Bamar” in local) is the major language even we have many different dialects of its different ethnic groups, however English is communicative throughout the country.

IDD telephones & local mobile networks (GSM / WCDMA) are available in major cities and town area in southern Myanmar; and the charges may a bit more expensive. International cell-phone network is not available in southern Myanmar. Email & internet facilities are available at hotels or a few of local public access centers. The connection speed might be slow. Perhaps you will enjoy your valued holiday and trips remotely, without receiving any calls. But if you would like to have in touch with your friends and your family while you travelling in the country, our team would be happy to provide local mobile SIM card.